A web hosting account is required to create a website. It is very reasonable pondering whether to pick shared or managed WordPress hosting for your website. A web hosting account is a place your site will live on the internet and is the thing that makes it workable for operators to visit your website. Thus, it’s crucial to pick a web hosting service that meets your requirements.


Shared hosting is cheaper and a low-cost option for new users. As hundreds of users can use the same server, it can lead to so-called “bad neighbor effects.” It costs $4-$5/month with some additional service charge.

Managed hosting is comparatively expensive. Even in entry-level, it requires $30/month with some technical “bad neighbor” effects. However, it is possible to have complete elimination of “bad neighbor” effects with a higher level of performance by running on virtual private servers, which may cost $160-$250/month.


The hosting provider is responsible for site security. In shared hosting, though, providers naturally apply safety measures on the server itself, and in an environment in which a large number of sites share space nearby, malevolent movement and malware can still “leak” from one site to another.

The host remains in charge of maintaining server and site security in managed WordPress hosting. Moreover, the host focus on maintaining an optimal environment for WordPress users and also can offer an adequate shield on the site and issues arising from shared resources and technology.

Shared Hosting

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Memory, bandwidth, processing power, storage have to be shared by the accounts in shared hosting. If one website overuses its fair share of the available resources, all the other sites on the same server will experience issues. Hence, one troubled website can possibly cause a large number of unrelated sites to load slowly or even crash the system.

Managed hosting is a dedicated option and precisely designed for WordPress to give better performance. Besides, it has automatic backups and WordPress updates to ensure data safety, site security, and functioning. Moreover, it is always more convenient and protected than shared hosting to manage your site by having different features such as staging sites, security tweaks, like login hardening, firewalls, and malware scans in managed hosting.


The best side of shared hosting can be its exceptionally customizable feature than managed hosting. Shared hosting is ideal if you want to allow accessing plugins or different CMS stages, for example, Drupal or Magento. On the other hand, managed hosting has limitations on customization. In addition, some websites in managed hosting are not allowed to use specific plugins and hence you may need to find an alternative hosting route.

Wordpress Hosting

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Integrated CDN

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a highly-distributed platform of servers that helps minimize delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. One of the key features of the managed hosting service is the CDN, which is integrated into it. Some of the CDN services are proprietary (such as WP Engine), which performs better than the public CDN services. Using CDN in managed hosting, users can serve high-density traffic and boost their website’s performance significantly.

On the other hand, most of the shared hosting services don’t come with CDN integration. Rather, it is up to the user to configure and setup the CDN service for their website.



  Managed Hosting Shared Hosting
Performance Precisely designed for WordPress, no “bad neighbor“ effects “Bad neighbor“ effects with slow down or even crash the system
Security Improved security protocols and individualized attention Not secured as shared by different customers
Backup and updates Auto Manual
Support Dedicated customer support with WordPress experts Not much trustworthy and custom-designed to WordPress.
  less-complex installation and management More complex than managed hosting
  3 levels of advanced caching make your website as fast as possible Advanced network base and server hardware with fast SSD storage space
Time Less than 30 seconds for setup, a second or more for drop page loading speed and response time Slow loading due to slow server response
Cost Higher than shared hosting Cheaper than managed hosting
  Full control over your website files by accessing SFTP and database access Full control over your website files by accessing SFTP, SSH, and database access
Customization Vast choices Limited options

A Cloud-Based Platform.

Server malfunction will not affect website and data will not be shared with other.


Resources are distributed among all consumers of a server