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What things should I mention while submitting inquiry?

While submitting an inquiry to us, we advise you to mention the following:

  • What industry are you/your entity working on
  • Current status of the company/project
  • The issue/challenge that needs to be resolved
  • What type of solution you seek (you do not need to be exact, you can write abstractly here)
  • Time that can be assigned for the project/consultation
  • Budget limitation (if any)
  • Links to websites for reference/contact(if any)

You do not have to follow the guideline, but we advise you to follow because it will help us prepare the proposal for you successfully.

What is the estimated time of response?

Usually, our team will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. In case your inquiry requires further research or study, we may take additional time to prepare a response/quotation.

How can I accept your proposal/quotation?

If the proposal/quotation satisfies your requirements, you need to send us an email informing us about your decision. Our team will send you the necessary details to initiate the project.

How do you assign budget to the quotation? How can the payments be done?

We assign the budget to a project following the international software and IT market value. We have a team that analyzes the HR cost, all scope, requirements, and office cost to set the budget.

We will send you a digital invoice to your email once a contract has been signed. You can pay the invoice using e-Check, Credit/Debit Card.

How can I keep track to a service/project?

We use Trello to manage our projects and services. At the beginning of the project, we will create a new board in Trello, where you will be added as a guest. There you will be able to see how our team progresses with the project/services over the course of time. You can also provide any insight you want for the project.